Australian companies don’t pay taxes

This is an interesting topic - Bases on a report from ATO, lots of very rich Australian companies dont many corporate taxes Inspired by a couple of news articles, I wanted to make a visualisation to explain this topic I also followed the tableau donut tutorial from SAF Business Analytics Live vis  


Radial Pie Gauge Chart in Tableau

This week Makeover monday the challenge was to visualise data from Titlemax, most profitable companies and how much they make per seconds I decided to learn something new and made a Radial Pie Gauge Chart in Tableau following this excellent tutorial from¬†SuperDataScience. More great tutorials from their sites too. I'm not sure if this type... Continue Reading →

Tableau geometric art experiment

Thanks again to the #makeovermonday community I got inspired by Ken Flerlage work on his 2017 Year of learning post, and more specifically this work on Tableau geometric art. Ken is truly inspirational. I have never seen this done in Tableau before! #Fridayfun, I decided to have a go following the great tutorial from his... Continue Reading →

The world as 100 people

This week for Makeover monday week 48 we were asked to visualise data from The world as 100 people To keep with my Tableau tradition, I decided to learn a new trick. This week I wanted to learn how to make Waffle Charts. I found a¬† great tutorial from Andy's Tableau tip Tuesday  ... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Cities Mobility Index

For this week Makeover Monday Week 46 we were asked to visualise data from Sustainable Cities Mobility Index (Arcadis report) What I like about this vis: Easy to understand Nice layout What to change: Not sure actually, maybe the green a flags (which aren't city flags) My attempt: As I always try to learn something... Continue Reading →

Life Expectancy at Birth by Country

In this Makeover monday week 45, we were asked to visualise Life Expectancy at Birth by Country data from the World Bank My plan: As I try to learn new Tableau tricks I decided to follow Andy's tutorial to create Small multiple line charts, also adding dynamics labs following this tutorial from the Info Lab... Continue Reading →

Public holidays in the world

This week MakeoverMonday was about to visualise public holidays in the world (data source) This week I have learnt a new Tableau technique: full year calendar heatmap. I was a bit stuck and short of time this week, but took inspiration from Kate Brown's calendar It was quite tricky technically, but with help from the... Continue Reading →

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