End of QUT era

Going going gone. My time at QUT will finish this Friday after 13 years or 5030 days. I decided to visualise my journey below with hashtag#tableau Thanks to my team and all my QUT colleagues; next step is a job with QLD Health https://public.tableau.com/profile/fredfery#!/vizhome/5030daysatQUT/5031days BIG THANKS team Joseph BarrowcliffeKathryn HeiserJulia MackerrasEmma YerburyGina Palmer + Dan... Continue Reading →


Tableau iron viz

My very first tableau #ironviz has been submitted "Fix our water!" First @tableau #IronViz story raises the issues Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia are facing with poor water/sanitation Inhumane I started to collect data about the drought in Australia and impact on farmers, but an article from the Conversation attracted my attention.... Continue Reading →

Why do I think Tableau rocks?

Disclaimer: I don’t own any Tableau shares (may be I should) and I don’t work for Tableau (may be I should). I’m not a data analyst. I work as an IT Leader at QUT (47,000 students) Brisbane, Australia and I’m passionate about data story telling and Tableau. I'm not a teacher either. I love tableau because: Tableau is... Continue Reading →

Learning filled shape charts in Tableau

Tableau learning never stops! For Makeovermonday week week 14 Wine production I had in mind using Bora's custom shapes tutorial as per below screen shot.. But I sort of got confused, got stuck with custom shapes, ended up confused, too complicated...and the week went by and forgot about it. While doing research for this weeks... Continue Reading →

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