Moon landing 50th anniversary Tableau Challenge

Moon landing 50th anniversary Tableau Challenge I posted on Twitter that I was keen to do someone about the 50th moon landing anniversary. Kasia indicated she was keen to be part of that The idea of doing a showcase then was born.     The team behind this: Kasia  - @bluedilphia Frederic - @fredffery Marco... Continue Reading →


Tableau Community activities to learn

I have already posted last year that i think Tableau absolutely rocks At the time I wrote that I loved tableau because: Tableau is changing student’s life (at the University I used to work for) – it also allowed me to connect and inspire the new generation of data professionals It is a great software –... Continue Reading →

Iron Viz Music

I'm having an other go at Iron Viz, Music theme, subject that I found inspiring! "Hot 100 Number one songs - Vote for your favorite song" I have also learned how to get Spotify preview songs URLs using a Python script (with huge help from Skyler Johnson  @skybjohnson) and learned how to embed the file into... Continue Reading →

Tableau iron viz

My very first tableau #ironviz has been submitted "Fix our water!" First @tableau #IronViz story raises the issues Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia are facing with poor water/sanitation Inhumane I started to collect data about the drought in Australia and impact on farmers, but an article from the Conversation attracted my attention.... Continue Reading →

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