My 1000 Runs – Mapping 1000 Runkeeper runs – 10 years of Blood, Sweat & Tears #VOTD

I love running and I love Tableau so I made a dashboard full of runs. This post describes how I have made this Tableau data visualisation. It ended with Tableau Viz of The Day, great honor too!   Data Firstly you need to run or walk A LOT and track your activities with a GPS... Continue Reading →

Sunny Street datathon Top 5 vizzes – Viz For Social Good

On 19 March 2020, 35 Brisbane Data enthusiasts got together to help Sunny Street make a bit more sense of their data. Read about the full wrap up here This was the first ever Viz For Social Good event in Brisbane and Australia. Below is the Top 5 vizzes selected by Sunny Street (not in order) Tony Hartigan... Continue Reading →

Testing bar chart race

I really love bar charts, they are very simple to read and understand. When you make them race, they are even better. This doesn't work for everything be cautious. Tableau cant really do this out the box as well. I tried with Tableau Alpha, but the animation for the race does't work when you publish... Continue Reading →

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