Merci Arsene – Tableau visualisation

After spending 22 years in the English Premier League Arsene Wenger is leaving Arsenal as a true legend of the game. Live visualisation #SportsVizSunday @Arsenal @premierleague ‏ #tableau


Visualising UEFA Champions League winners since 1955

As part of, #sportVizSunday, I have used Tableau to visualise UEFA Champions League winners since 1955 @realmadrid has done it again with 13th victories and 3 in a row for master #Zidane Live visualisation ->  thanks @flerlagekr for sankey tutorial

Why do I think Tableau rocks?

Disclaimer: I don’t own any Tableau shares (may be I should) and I don’t work for Tableau (may be I should). I’m not a data analyst. I work as an IT Leader at QUT (47,000 students) Brisbane, Australia and I’m passionate about data story telling and Tableau. I'm not a teacher either. I love tableau because: Tableau is... Continue Reading →

Learning filled shape charts in Tableau

Tableau learning never stops! For Makeovermonday week week 14 Wine production I had in mind using Bora's custom shapes tutorial as per below screen shot.. But I sort of got confused, got stuck with custom shapes, ended up confused, too complicated...and the week went by and forgot about it. While doing research for this weeks... Continue Reading →

Tableau data story telling day for QUT students

On the 8th of March 2018, 80 cross-discipline QUT students came together to tell stories using the data software Tableau. Tableau is a business intelligence software that transforms data into actionable insights. Data presentation is a skill in high demand, having recently been identified by Linked In as a top skill employers need most in candidates. The day was divided into... Continue Reading →

Radial Pie Gauge Chart in Tableau

This week Makeover monday the challenge was to visualise data from Titlemax, most profitable companies and how much they make per seconds I decided to learn something new and made a Radial Pie Gauge Chart in Tableau following this excellent tutorial from SuperDataScience. More great tutorials from their sites too. I'm not sure if this type... Continue Reading →

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